With the release date of the ‘Jello EP’ running behind schedule* I thought I’d offer a couple of free downloads in the interim.

When completed ‘Doggybag’ will be a pretty thorough compilation of previously unreleased tracks and mixes dating back from the sessions with Andy in 2003. I’ll be continuing to add to this until the bag is full.

First up we have ‘Flood’: An (over)-ambitious trippy-hop electronica piano waltz that heads into further unexpected territory. Andy said that he has yet to find anyone he’s played it to that likes it so being a contrary bugger I thought I’d set it free. In retrospect I think there’s a subconscious nod to Colin Newman’s ‘Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish’ album going down here.

‘Low’: This is the original version of the track that appeared on ‘Music For Imaginary Movies’. There are a few elements here that didn’t make it to Andy’s mix that I personally preferred. Definitely one of my favorite self-penned tracks. It almost had a vocal at one point… (I had two great lines written) but in the end the track said everything without them.

Once again, many thanks to Gregg at Hermetech for the grand mastering job.

* The Jello EP should be out for the end of June. We’re planning on shooting the artwork for all the EPs in this series at once, which along with working out how to mod the website to my satisfaction and integrate and design a store page has put things behind schedule. (That and recording/filming Andy’s 40th birthday video, which might be released to an unsuspecting YouTube audience in the near future).

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