‘Overload’ added to ‘Doggybag’

A fourth track, ‘Overload’, has been added to the ‘Doggybag’ compilation.

I’ve also been adding a couple of extra elements to the site, including a taoyoyo updates email option (right). I wanted to keep the downloads completely free (ie: without the ‘payment’ of an email address) but anyone who would genuinely like news and release info can sign up here.

Finally, two thankyou’s…

the first to George Bass at cokemachineglow.com for this intriguing review of ‘Jello’… funny thing is, the truth behind the track is even stranger!

The second shout goes out to Olaf in Germany, who has played several taoyoyo tracks this past month on his weekly radio shows on JVR Network. (Tune in tomorrow between 4-8pm CET for the second part of a 15th anniversary special).

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