‘Dark Side of the Fours EP’

The next retroyoyo EP, entitled ‘Dark Side of the Fours’ has come back from mastering. Another great job from Gregg at Hermetech!

This EP is somewhat darker than the ‘Jello EP’, featuring three slices of four on the floor abstract tribal techno.

The tracklisting is:

1. Pan’s People

2. Let Me In.

3. Diving for Pearls

No firm release date yet, artwork still to be designed. Probably at the end of September.

For anyone in the UK, there might be a sneak preview of ‘Let Me In’  in Andy’s Dialog> set at the Festinho Festival in Bedfordshire on Saturday night. I believe he’s playing in the AV Tent at 9.30pm. Be sure to also shout for ‘Fuck Yer Barbie’ (especially if it’s a downtempo set).

They’ll be another track added to the ‘Doggybag’ compilation in the next week so stay tuned.

Much love,


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