‘Dark Side of the Fours EP’ released

Dark Side of the Fours EP Cover

The ‘Dark Side of the Fours EP’ is now available as a free download here.

The second EP in the retroyoyo series features 3 slices of dark abstract tribal techno, the yang to the Jello EP’s yin if you like.

‘Pan’s People’ is my personal favorite and offers a hint to a future taoyoyo vibe, ‘Let Me In’ has recently been given the nod by Martin Dust of The Black Dog (thanks Martin!) and ‘Diving For Pearls’ is featured on the compilation ‘Peppermint Sine Waves V1’, to released tomorrow by Hermetech Mastering (See post below for more details).

Again, all tracks written by myself and Andy, dating back to our final sessions in 2003. Mastered by Gregg at Hermetech in 2010 for your listening pleasure.

Very happy with this EP, hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Much love, taoyoyo

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