Peppermint Sine Waves Volume 1

Hermetech Comp V1 Cover

Peppermint Sine Waves Volume 1‘ is a free downloadable compilation from Hermetech Mastering, featuring Gregg Janman’s pick of the tracks and artists he has mastered this year.

‘Diving for Pearls’ was chosen to start the album. I’m chuffed to be included alongside the other artists involved and am happy to have designed the artwork for the project.

My personal favorite right now is ‘Vapor’ by Lapse, a hypnotic, intense minimal techno workout. There are also great tracks from the likes of Pawnsphinx, Mass Roman, Audio Resistance and I, Parasite. Nice also to see Andy’s Dialog> remix of Gel-Sol closing the album.

Full information and download links can be found here.

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