‘Doggybag’ update – ‘Glitter’ added

A sixth track, ‘Glitter’, is now on the ‘Doggybag’ compilation.

It’s a bit of an eclectic track, even by our standards. Early versions used sampled beats from a Gary Glitter song and a sequence that sounded like the theme tune from ‘Airwolf’!

As the track progressed we dropped both, favoring a line that reminded us of ‘The X-Files’ and Andy’s tongue-in-cheek guitar licks, which I then mangled in the sampler.

Andy reworked the track to close the ‘Music For Imaginary Movies’ album though this is the original mix we recorded in 2003. A slightly different flavor… more bombastic and rockier than the ‘MFIM’ version.

Denim jacket and Quo patches are optional.

As a footnote, the final retroyoyo release, ‘The Jam EP’ should be ready in the next month. It’s a 6-tracker, featuring 4 live jams of unreleased tracks with the bonus of 2 great Dialog> mixes.

Keep ’em peeled,


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