OMD – taoyoyo ground zero mix

So when OMD (one of my favorite bands of all time) offered all the original parts to their recent single, “If You Want It’, I thought I would try my hand at this whole remix competition game.

I have to say that the track is not one of my favorites – lyrically or musically – so there were not any parts I held sacred. Besides that, there had already been several versions that had planted the vocals almost wholesale over a new backing track. (I’m sat firmly in the camp that believes a remix is a chance to do something different rather than a variation on a theme).

I wanted to set some restrictions and decided to limit myself to only using the source audio parts that were provided… I could edit, chop, mangle, effect and rearrange any way I wanted.

I had no preconceived idea of what genre I was working towards but through the process of discarding parts I didn’t like and mangling the parts I did, two styles emerged: one electro-dub, the other Krautrock-inspired (which is ironic as one of OMD’s original inspirations was NEU!). In the end I decided to combine the two and this is the final result.

The competition closes today, have no idea if it’ll win anything (especially competing alongside ‘The Christmas Rap version’) but it was a cool experiment for me personally and it’s been interesting to hear some of the other interpretations.

An mp3 version can be downloaded here.

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