Alright, ‘ere it is… the ‘Jam EP’

taoyoyo jam ep artwork large

The ‘Jam EP’ is now available as a free download here

This is the third and final EP in the current retroyoyo series… Features four live studio jams from 2003 by myself and Andy. Exploring different vibes… drum and bass, stompy techno, mininal techno and then, gasp, trance (in the spirit of Oliver Lieb not Tiesto). A bit rough around the edges in places perhaps but the spirit is good.

We never got around to finishing these tracks before I hopped the pond but in 2005 Andy revisited ‘Ummo’ and ‘Bigger Than One’ and did a commendable job of tweaking and arranging them. We’ve added these mixes as a seasonal bonus.

Many, many thanks go to Gregg at Hermetech for mastering the retroyoyo series and for all his encouragement this year. And not forgetting Andy, who without… etc.

May all your Christmases be strawberry-flavored rather than plum-filled.

Much love, taoyoyo

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