‘Two Minds’ – An unexpected groovy treat to end 2010

two minds ep large artwork

‘Two Minds’ can be grabbed here

My original intention was to add these two tracks quietly to ‘Doggybag’ but Andy persuaded me that they were worthy of their own retroyoyo release.

‘Mind’ is the shrub that grew so many branches we had to take cuttings. These are two of the offshoots:

I’ve always been fond of this particular version of ‘MindDeep’. (Andy reworked the track for ‘Music For Imaginary Movies’… a different take with slinkier, more progressive beats).

‘MindClank’ is an exclusive, has more of a tribal housey vibe. It’s the older brother to ‘MindDeep’ and is probably miffed that it’s taken this long to get some attention.

It’s been a great year, thanks to everyone who visited, listened or downloaded the retroyoyo stuff, it’s been nice to get it out there.

Enjoy and here’s to a great 2011!

Much love, taoyoyo

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