OMD – taoyoyo dark sisterhood mix

A second opportunity to remix OMD for a competition presented itself very late last year, this time for their single ‘Sister Marie Says’.

This one really only came together when time was running out at the end of January… I mixed and arranged it whilst learning a new DAW (Presonus Studio One) the weekend before it was due.

Again, minimal vocals (otherwise it ends up sounding like dodgy Eurotrance)… took more parts from the original than I’d intended (not that one would notice as further mangling ensued) and added a quite a few of my own.

Many thanks to Gregg Hermetech, who mastered it at very short notice.

The winner was announced last week (oddly enough it’s of the Eurotrance variety) so I think I’m free to post my mix now.

An mp3 version can be downloaded here.

[ It’s the first time I’ve really noticed audible artifacts when uploading tracks to online players… best to download for full quality ]

I think my remix competition fervor is worn out for now… time to get back to taoyoyo projects.

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