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‘Doggybag’ update – ‘Glitter’ added

Denim jacket and Quo patches are optional. As a footnote, the final retroyoyo release, ‘The Jam EP’ should be ready in the next month. It’s a 6-tracker, featuring 4 live jams of unreleased tracks with the bonus of 2 great Dialog> mixes. Keep ’em peeled, taoyoyo

New ‘Doggybag’ track – ‘Blacklist’

It’s that time again… just added the fifth track, ‘Blacklist’, to the ‘Doggybag’ compilation. ‘Blacklist’, a dark minimal ambient piece, is another one that made it onto the ‘Music For Imaginary Movies’ album. Could be described as sounding like ‘a monk with the weight of the world on his shoulders’. This is the original mix […]

‘Doggybag’ update


With the release date of the ‘Jello EP’ running behind schedule* I thought I’d offer a couple of free downloads in the interim. When completed ‘Doggybag’ will be a pretty thorough compilation of previously unreleased tracks and mixes dating back from the sessions with Andy in 2003. I’ll be continuing to add to this until […]